Weaver Adjustable Chainsaw Straps

$ 17.95 CAD

SKU: WLE0898220OY Weaver

These 1" wide double box-stitched nylon webbing straps easily adjust by attaching the rings to a snap on a saddle or belt. A half twist in the loop end helps keep equipment hanging straight, and heat-sealed ends help prevent fraying. 

Available in the following styles:

  • Blaze Orange 49" (overall length including hardware) with ring and 225 snap
  • Yellow - 49" (overall length including hardware) with two rings
  • Red - 47" (overall length of strap) with one ring. The 47" strap is ideal for use with a carabiner (not included).

Welded nickel plated rings are 2" in diameter, and the non-rust manganese bronze 225 snap is 4-1/4" long.