Air Spade 2000 4ft 150cfm

$ 2,149.95 CAD

SKU: GUAHT130 Air Spade

The Air-Spade 2000 is an air-excavation tool, which is equipped with patented supersonic nozzle for superior digging performance. Ideal for sensitive arboreal work including vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching, and soil aeration. This tool allows for excavation while minimizing damage to tree roots and buried utilities.

Also Available Air Spade Arborist / Landscape Kit - Click Here for more information


  • Cast Aluminum Handle: Rugged, lightweight cast aluminum construction handles the toughest environments

  • Dipped Handle Grip: Comfortable, ergonomic support with superior grip and added thermal insulation

  • Variable Flow Valve: Precision trigger throttling controls air flow - from a light blast to a laser like jet

  • Universal "Chicago Style" Swivel Coupling: Enhances maneuverability, reducing tension between air supply hose and handle inlet

  • Integral Pressure Gauge Location: Location faces the operator ensuring optimal digging performance

Classic Features

  • 4’ barrel with adjustable dirt shield
  • 150 cfm supersonic nozzle 

    Technical Specifications

    • Inlet: 3/4" FNPT
    • Flow: 150 cfm
    • Minimum Compressor: 33 HP
    • Soil Excavation Rate: 1.2 - 1.8 cfm
    • Barrel Length: 4ft