DeepRoot Arbortie

$ 64.95 CAD


ArborTie is designed replace wire and hose for staking and guying trees. It is safe, soft, and simple to use. It’s also less expensive than traditional ties. Soft polypropylene is weaved to ensure a rounded edge at all times. This feature prevents material from cutting the bark, which leads to the eventual death of the tree.

DeepRoot tests their ArborTie to 900 lb. of force, ensuring that it can stand up to fierce winds. Even with this strength, the ArborTie has enough give in to help the tree develop trunk strength. Also, DeepRoot has included their patented ArborKnot technology that allows the material to expand as the tree grows.

Contractors and professionals worldwide love the easy installation and convenience of the 250 foot rolls. It fastened to any stake or anchoring system with traditional knots or nails. For guying, it removes the need to flag or cover guy wires. We sell ArborTie by the roll.