Petzl Ascentree

$ 349.95 CAD


* Item is not available for shipment to the United States.

The Petzl Ascentree is exactly what it looks like, which is two Petzl ascenders riveted together. It is designed for ascending double ropes in trees using the "footlock" technique or with two PANTIN foot ascenders. It features ergonomic and molded handles that allow for a grip that is comfortable yet powerful. It has a toothed cam with self-cleaning slot, which optimizes performance under any conditions (e.g. frozen or dirty ropes). The catch/cam combination is totally integrated into the body of the rope clamp to prevent rubbing. 

The two-handed ascender has large handles, which allows the user to work with thick gloves. It features lower holes for connecting a lanyard and upper holes for clipping a carabiner around the rope. Since the cams are completely independant of one another, you can also use the the Petzl Ascentree with one cam engaged. If you need a two-handed ascender for tree climbing, don't hesitate to pick up the Ascentree

  • Rope type(s) and diameter(s): For double ropes between 8 and 13 mm in diameter