Bear Banger Cartridges

$ 28.95 CAD


*Item is not available for purchase outside Canada.

Our Bear Bangers come six to a box. They each weigh about 12 grams and have a height range of between 20-30 meters with a time delay of 0.8-1.0 seconds. They are designed to produce a very loud bang in the air when fired. This noise will alert potential predators of humans in the area.

They can also be used to alert or signal prearranged messages between parties.  Whether you work in forestry or are on an outdoor adventure, a bear attack is never a welcome surprise.

Available in center fire model only. 

Make sure that the bear bangers ordered are the same type as the launcher that will be used. (center fire or rim fire).  Rim fire cartridges will not work with center fire launchers and vice versa.