Buckingham Ox Block Clevis Top with Ox Horn

$ 1,285.95 CAD

SKU: BUK50062D Buckingham

A new version of the OX BLOCK™ that features the OX HORN™ on the shackle top. With its 2” gate opening, it is designed to replace a non-rated “meat hook” currently in use by many linemen. It has a working load limit of 2500 pounds with the gate closed and a 1000 pound working load limit with the gate open.

The OX BLOCK™ is a rope snatchblock with an integrated friction bar used for:

Snubbing loads
It allows the rigging professional to handle loads with greater control. When lowering loads, tension is transferred from the worker to the OX BLOCK™.

The patented OX BLOCK™ replaces standard handline blocks, parted blocks and various snatch blocks.
Has greater WLLs than blocks of similar size.
When configured with optional pulleys, the OX BLOCK™ can be used to create a 4:1, 5:1 or 6:1 mechanical advantage reducing the amount of force needed to lift heavy loads.
The advantage of the pulleys used by Buckingham is the swivel side plate that allows for quick and easy rope installation without removing the pulley from the connecting device.
ASME B30 Compliant