Buckingham Port-A-Wrap III

$ 283.95 CAD

SKU: BUK601M Buckingham

Professional arborists use Buckingham’s Port-A-Wrap to safely lower heavy branches or logs. It is a friction device that allows them to easily control loads many times their own weight.

First, the user wraps their rigging line around the Port-A-Wrap. As it is a friction device, friction increases with the more wraps taken. When compared with wrapping line around a tree, the Port-A-Wrap provides more consistent friction. It can be tied off to let the worker let go of the rope. It can also be used with a set of fiddle blocks, to hoist branches.

Port-A-Wraps are available in several sizes and coatings

  • Mini Port-A-Wrap SWL 1000 lbs.  Max Rope Size 1/2"
  • Small Port-A-Wrap SWL 2000 lbs  Max Rope Size 9/16"
  • Large Port-A-Wrap SWL 2000 lbs  Max Rope Size 3/4