SKU: BUK7L08T18J Buckingham

The New Buckingham/ArborMaster TreeSqueeze™is used for fall restraint and work positioning. This innovative work positioning lanyard, developed in conjunction with the experts at ArborMaster, allows for a secured ascent up the tree giving you all the safety and confidence you need when out in the field. The TreeSqueeze™ is available in different lengths and is adjustable to give you a perfect fit no matter what size trees you work on.


  • Meets ANSI Z133 by keeping you secure while climbing on spurs.


  • TreeSqueeze™ integrates a choking lanyard system that keeps you from falling down the tree in the event of a Gaff out.
  • Made from the same high strength 7/16” Uniline used on our popular Buck RigidLine but we doubled the rope for extra rigidity, cut resistance and surface area.
  • The double rope specifically protects against cuts from handsaws and provides the user with a smoother ascent.
  • Aluminum ring Prusik provides users with quick and easy adjustment for different diameter trees.
  • Ring Prusik also provides a secure tie-in point when a natural tie in point doesn’t exist.
  • Prusik is key for easy descent, self-rescue and even doubles as a friction saver.
  • Retrieval of the TreeSqueeze™ from the ground uses the same retrieving method our popular friction savers use.