Hellberg Classic 12 Cap Mounted Muffs

$ 39.95 CAD

SKU: HEL21012 Hellberg

The Hellberg Classic 12 Cap mounted earmuffs have a single-point attachment with flexible sliders. This design ensures pressure and seal are always even around the ears, regardless of head size. The attachment arms are a strong shape retaining material, and can be turned in and out more than 10,000 times without any pressure loss. This is equivalent to at least five years of use! 

The earmuffs are a durable plastic for easy maintenance and long life. Soft, wide replaceable cushions fit comfortably around the ears. They are suitable when working with electricity, and are fully compatible with Hellberg’s SAFE™ Visor System.

  • Best for use in environments dominated by low frequency noise
  • NRR 28, CSA (A)