CMI Rescue 8 Ring


SKU: CMIR1000 Colorado Mountain Industries

CMI forges their eights out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloys, instead of the traditional steel. This design choice keeps their product light, produces excellent friction, and maintains the safety standards. Hot forging their product produces an advantageous molecular alignment. CMI's exclusive hardcoat mixture protects the aluminum.

The CMI Rescue Ring is large enough to handle the thickest of ropes - two of them, in fact. Extended horns on the upper ring make tying off a snap. The horns do this by preventing the rope from sliding up and locking off. On the tie-in end, dual holes allow the 8-ring to remain attached to the harness while threading the rope. This helps in preventing loss of the device, even in the most extreme of conditions. All these features have made the CMI Rescue Ring 8 the industry standard for descenders.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: 6061-T6
  • Weight: 221g/7.8oz
  • Size: 17x15.5cm, 6.75x6.1"
  • Breaking Strength: 10,000+ pounds