Cobra 4 Ton Cabling Kit with 5 Cables

$ 719.95 CAD

SKU: PBS205 Cobra

The Cobra is a flexible and shock absorbing tree system. Cobra designs their cables with functional insight and scientific research. Their experts use knowledge of a tree's needs to meet the strict demands of their arborist customers.

If a tree self-strengthens, a shock absorbing unit will support compensation growth through defined, low-resistance oscillation. The shock absorption unit works with a cable. Even without this unit, the system is flexible enough to reduce oscillation impact. Studies have proven the cobra's longevity, and its strength decrease (under 2% per year) is considered acceptable by field scientists. If installed according to specifications, the system should not require replacement for at least twelve years.

Although the system consists of a number of separate parts, according to ZTV Baumpflege (German tree care standards) it is considered a single component system. This is because the traction is provided by a single, uninterrupted component. The cobra crown stabilization system has been designed for uncomplicated and safe use, simplifying arborist work procedures. 

The Cobra system has contributed to preserving valuable trees, both inexpensively and safely. 

  • This kit contains: 50 m cable, 12 end caps,10 Large expansion inserts .Enough  for 5 connections