DeepRoot Root Barrier


SKU: DEEUB12 DeepRoot

DeepRoot Tree Root Barriers are mechanical guides that direct a tree’s roots away from hardscapes. This feature prevents costly damages to the tree’s roots and maintains their natural beauty. The barriers are used in linear, surround, and root pruning applications on trees of all ages.

In linear applications, the Root Barrier can provide the highest amount of protection from hardscape. It does this by using all available rooting space for tree health by placing barriers along the hardscape to be protected. In surround application, the Root Barrier protects hardscapes that surround a plant on all sides. The perimeter of the planting area is lined with the barrier, allowing for the maximum available volume of uncompacted soil. Doing this will promote immediate root growth.

By using the Barrier for root pruning, the user can help prevent injury and preserve existing trees. Cut any disruptive roots and remove them, and then install root barrier to prevent damage. If left alone, a tree's roots can grow into some pretty harsh terrain. Root barriers promote tree health and growth by directing the roots to where they should go.