Djos Increment Borers

$ 489.95 CAD

SKU: INH104101006 Haglof

The famous quality brand Djos in an updated version, with the distinctive features
that characterize a true Djos borer! This unique, back-threaded borer model is
especially designed for easier backing out of the tree. Djos borers are available
as 3-threaded borers in lengths 6" to 16" (150 to 400 mm) and with 5.15mm/0.200” core diameter.

The Djos style borer bits are manufactured with quality steel and excellence in craftsmanship. Each bit is PTFEcoated to reduce friction and enhance the protection
against rust and resin. The borer bit tip is polished and has the original Djos conical shape with back-threading for easier backing out of the wood. A reinforced borer handle with plastic coating in bright orange color allow for protection, good grip and visibility. The stainless steel core extractors are individually controlled for exact fit.

Increment borers are used both for research and industrial purposes. The extracted core gives access to valuable inside information on the tree. It tells the tree’s age and increment. It allows you to follow up on the results of fertilization projects. It can reveal percentage of rotten wood and decay in the forest. An extracted core can inform you on what damage, diseases and insect attacks the tree suffers from. Ground water quality and pollution levels can be evaluated. Djos borers are excellent for these and many more areas.