DMM AmericanO Carabiner



The Extra Caffeinated Oval

An oval that packs a punch. Larger than our classic Ultra O, it shares the same stable loading characteristics but with more volume when required. This addition to our oval connector range means we now have the compact PerfectO, the industry standard Ultra O and the larger AmericanO.

The AmericanO is also DMM's first ANSI (American National Standards Institute) compliant true oval connector. It is especially suited for industries that apply this standard. A DMM oval for all applications.


  • EN362:2004 B, EN12275:2013 B


  • True oval shape for predictable loading
  • Large size for use with gloves

Technical Specifications:

  • Gate Opening: 22mm
  • MBS Gate Open: 7kN
  • MBS Minor Axis: 9kN
  • MBS Major Axis: 25kN
  • Dimensions: 66 x 114mm