DMM Small Impact Block

$ 519.95 CAD


Even though the Small Impact Block may have "small" in its name, it is still large when it comes to strength. It has an MBS of 200KN and a WLL of 40KN, making it perfect for any professional who needs to conserve space. Arborists use impact blocks to absorb impacts caused by heavy work.

The block offers both security and strength, especially when used as part of a system. Every element has been designed to deliver performance. The block’s hot forged materials allow the block to be rope friendly and durable. DMM puts all of their products through rigorous testing because they know that their equipment just has to work.

Let’s say you’re an arborist or professional that need an impact block, but doesn’t want one that’s too large. This DMM small impact block shows that big things can come in small packages.