Doggett 12-24-24 Fall Tree Fertilizer

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Doggett has specifically formulated their XL Injecto Feed 12-24-24 Fall Tree Food with the professional Arborist in mind. It has a high U.F. content, which prevents it from completely dissolving. This keeps it in the suspension with strong agitation. Because of this, it should only be used in power spraying equipment with good mechanical agitation.

Doggett derives more than half of the nitrogen in XL from Nitroform®. This unique fertilizer realizes its nitrogen reserves over the enter season. Any not released will carry over the following year. In addition, Nitroform® is non-leaching. Bacteria convert the the most soluble fraction of the nitrogen so that 1/3 is released in the first 3 to 5 weeks, the balance over 6 to 12 months.


Early spring and summer are the ideal time to fertilize trees as they have the entire growing season to develop. However, this is also the busy spraying time so that it is not always possible to feed then. Late summer and fall are an excellent time to feed. We know that root growth continues into late fall and early winter and fertilizer applied during this period is very beneficial to the tree. Any fertilizer not used at this time will be available when growth begins in the spring. Since we do not wish to stimulate soft growth late in the season, but wish to feed the tree for a good wintering and a strong start in the spring, low nitrogen formulas are recommended.


90% of tree feeder roots are in the top 2 ft. of soil with most in the first 8 ins. They start approximately 4 ft. from the trunk and extend beyond the drip line. This is the area to be injected with XL INJECTO FEED. We recommend that you apply 3 to 4 lbs. of actual phosphoric acid (P2O5) and potash (K20) per 1,000 sq. ft. injected into this area. Soil injection should be 8 to 12 ins. deep using an injector probe at 150 to 200 lbs. pressure. It should have 3 to 4 horizontal discharge holes at 90 degrees in its point.

Dilution Table

Lbs. of Injecto Feed

per gals. of water







Injection should begin 2 ft. from the trunk and be spaced 1-1/2 ft. apart, injecting on a grid extending beyond the drip line. Apply 150 gals. To each 2000 sq. ft. following the grid method outlined, you should inject approximately 1/2 gal. of fertilizer solution at each point. Based on the 2-1/2 ft. spacing, this will apply 150 gals. of solution over 2000 sq. ft. which gives you 1.8 lbs. of nitrogen, 3.6 lbs. of phosphoric acid and 3.6 lbs. of potash per 1000 sq. ft.

To Calibrate your particular rig and its operator, we suggest you find out how long it takes to inject 1/2 gal. of solution into a bucket. This will probably take 2 to 4 seconds, count off the seconds and use this same count and cadence while injecting the probe at each point in the soil.

Trunk Diameter Rate of Application: Use same dilution rates as shown in table. Apply the solution at the rate of 5 gals. per in. of trunk diameter. Using crown spread technique (concentric circles) injects the 150 gals. over 2000 sq. ft. which gives you 1.8 lbs. of N, 3.6 lbs. phosphoric acid and 3.6 lbs. potash per 1000 sq. ft. space injection points at 2-1/2 ft. intervals, starting 2 ft. front trunk and extending 2 ft. beyond drip line.

Five gallons of fertilizer solution per inch of trunk diameter. Example: tree trunk 12 times 5 gals. + 60 gals. of solution.

Packaged in 30 pound plastic bags.  Price shown is per bag. Contact us directly for pricing for quantities of 10 bags or more. 


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