Doggett 6-12-12 Fall Arbor Liquid Fertilizer

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A specialty fertilizer blended specifically for application on trees and ornamentals in the practice of professional arboriculture.

A true concentrated liquid for easy mixing & application. For root injection, soil drench, or foliar spray application. This solution has a low salt index and is compatible with fungicides & pesticides.

1.25 gallons (1/2 jug) 100 gallons
2.5 gallons (1 jug) 200 gallons
5 gallons (2 jugs) 400 gallons

90% of feeder roots are in the top 12 inches of soil with the majority in the first 6 inches. Start your application approximately 2 to 4 feet from the root flare and extend to beyond the drip line. The soil should be inoculated with a root probe going 4 to 6 inches deep from a power rig set at approximately 150 to 200 PSI, depending upon the porosity or density of the soil. The root area of the tree should be injected in a grid or in concentric circles spacing 3 feet apart. Inject approximately ½ gallon of solution per injection site. Based on the 3 feet spacing this should put around 150 gallons over 2,000 sq. ft. Site and soil conditions vary, so adjust your application accordingly. Shake before using.



Total Nitrogen (N) 6.00%
1.50% Slowly Available Water Soluble Nitrogen
3.00% Urea Nitrogen
1.50% Ammoniacal Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5) 12.0%
Water Soluble Potash (K20) 12.0%

Iron (Fe) 0.10%
0.10% Chelated Iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn) 0.05%
0.05% Chelated Manganese (Mn)
Zinc (Zn) 0.05%
0.05% Chelated Zinc (Zn)

Derived from: Urea Triazone, Urea, Potassium Carbonate, Ammonium Phosphate, FeEdta, Manganese Edta, Zinc Edta

*Slowly available Nitrogen from Urea Triazone


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