Edelrid TreeRex Triple Lock Harness


SKU: EDE887020142190 Edelrid

Arborists place many different requirements on their harnesses. They have to allow as much freedom of movement as possible, while also being robust and fitting well in order to ensure maximum comfort during free-hanging work. Finally, they need to offer multiple attachment options for neatly holding arborists' many pieces of equipment. The TREEREX Triple Lock fulfills all of these criteria to perfection—and more.

The TREEREX's design centers on the lateral fastening eyelets integrated into the leg loops. These make it possible to install up to two rope bridges (fixed or adjustable), which in turn offer maximum lateral freedom of movement. Thanks to an intelligent adjustment mechanism, the angle of the lateral fastening eyelets can be adjusted even under load, making the height of the rope bridges adjustable to all situations. To enable simple climbing on single ropes, the SRT bridgeprovided with the TREEREX can be retrofitted to create a ventral eyelet.

The TREEREX leaves nothing to be desired in equipment terms either. It has two lateral eyelets for attaching a lanyard, four rigid gear loops for up to twelve carabiners, and various attachment options for gear carabiners on the waist belt and leg loops.

The textile restraint eyelet certified to EN 358 is suitable for suspending items such as a chainsaw, plus an innovative pull mechanism makes it quick and easy to access a first aid kit in emergencies.

The TREEREX comes pre-assembled with an adjustable rope bridge in the lateral eyelets and an aluminium connecting ring.


  • 3D Vent Technology: unbeatable support and comfort through three-dimensional molding, with extensive force distribution and maximum breathability
  • All load-bearing straps are equipped with indicator tape; red fibers become visible in the event of damage and signal to the user that the harness should be replaced
  • Triple Lock buckles on the waist belt and leg loops allows it to be easily put on and taken off
  • Leg loop straps with textile abrasion protectors made from Dyneema®
  • Lateral fastening eyelets in the leg loops for installing up to two rope bridges or for workplace stabilization
  • The angle of the lateral fastening eyelets can also be adjusted under load thanks to a smart adjustment mechanism for an optimum working position in the tree
  • 2 color-coded rope bridges and one anchor ring for maximum lateral freedom of movement

Certification EN 813, EN 358, ANSI Z.133, ASTM F887-18:25.4.1/25.4.2