Estwing Drilling Hammers

$ 52.95 CAD

SKU: ESWB32LB Estwing

The Estwing Drilling Hammer is an essential tool in any professional's arsenal. It features a nylon vinyl Shock Reduction Grip®, which represents the highest amount of comfort and durability.  Perhaps more importantly, the handle efficiently reduces impact vibration.

Estwing forges the head and the handle in once piece, and coats the hammer in an attractive blue UV coating. Both faces are fully polished. The Drilling Hammer is great for use with chisels, punches, star drills, and hardened nails. The hammer permits heavy blows with limited swing.

Available in a variety of weights to suit your needs. This is a hammer for nearly any occasion, and it is built to last a lifetime. Whether you are in the mineral exploration industry or just need a good hammer, this is one product that can take anything you swing it at.