Synthetic Web Slings

$ 18.95 CAD

SKU: STIEE2901YX04T3 Sling Tech Inc

These double ply synthetic web slings offer several features that have made them popular. The softness of a web sling will not damage loads and its flexibility ensures a firm hold.

Web slings can elongate, which minimizes the effects of heavy shock loads. Typically, nylon slings stretch to 6-8% at rated capacity. Because the sling is nylon, it can survive in many different types of environments. It is unaffected by moisture, mildew, rot, and certain chemicals. 

The Eye-and Eye- is a popular and versatile sling. It is used in vertical, choker & basket hitches. Easy to remove from underneath loads.


1" Width:  3100 lbs vertical, 2400 lbs choker, 6200 lbs basket

2" Width: 6200 lbs vertical, 4960 lbs choker, 12,400 lbs basket

3" Width 8800 lbs vertical, 7040 lbs choker, 17,600 lbs basket

Other lengths and configurations are available.  If you don't see what you need listed, please contact us.