Fiddle Block Tree Pulling Kit (50ft)

$ 592.99 CAD

SKU: ROLSET82 Rope Logic

This fiddle block kit is an ideal accessory to the Portawrap that allows the user to pretension lines, create lift or simply remove slack from systems with lots of rope in between. Fiddle blocks provide a very compact, in-line system for incredible 5:1 mechanical advantage resulting in 1,000 lbs. of lifting or pulling power from only 200 lbs. of input into the system. Steel carabiners and prusik are for attaching blocks to line and anchorage.

These high-strength blocks are ideal for pre-tensioning lines or lifting heavy objects. Fiddle blocks are easier to deploy than our tree pulling kit (especially for beginners) because the system is applied on top of a host line instead of involving threaded host line. Fiddle blocks are generally stored fully rigged so that you simply attach the ends to host line (via the included Prusik) and anchor (a tree, vehicle, or even host rope again, using the included carabiner on your sling or other means). The fiddle block’s limitations are that it’s limited to 10 feet of working spread with the included (50-foot) rope; a friction device (like Portawrap) is required to hold drawn rigging line for multiple advances if needed

The drawing (image) demonstrates how pulling with 200 pounds of force results in a 5:1 mechanical advantage (1,000 pounds) of lift. Between pulls, a built-in cleat holds position on the line, which can be released with a snap of the wrist. Combine this kit with a Portawrap or other lowering device for the ultimate in compact power!

Kit includes two blocks, 50 feet of half-inch double braid line with spliced eye, two steel carabiners & rigging prusik.