Forestry Solution Kit for Pro Series Winches

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SKU: PWCPCAFS Portable Winch

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Complement your winch with the Forestry Solution that includes the accessories you need to achieve your forestry work efficiently and safely.


These accessories are crucial for safe and efficient homeland forestry work with a Portable Winch. They help ensure that the winch is securely attached to the load, minimize friction, and damage during skidding, and provide the necessary rigging options to handle various tasks effectively. Additionally, they contribute to worker safety by reducing the risk of accidents or equipment failures.

Say goodbye to logging headaches and confidently tackle the challenges of the forest with our essential forestry solution kit. It's time to make your logging tasks easier, more efficient, and safer. Choose our product and experience the difference in your forestry work.

Included Accessories:

  1. Skidding Cone (PCA-1290)
    – to prevent the logs from digging in, getting stuck in roots and stumps, while safeguarding the forest floor
  2. 2.1 m (7 ft) choker chain with steel rod (PCA-1295)
    - to firmly choke your logs while the rod makes it easier
    to pass under the log and thread through the cone
  3. Grab Hook with Latch (PCA-1282)
    – to safely connect the choker and the carabiner at the end of your rope
  4. Single pulley (PCA-1274)
    - to get an extra one in your arsenal to multiply the power
    of your winch or deviate the pull angle
  5. 2 m (6 ½ ft) polyester sling (PCA-1260)
    - to attach the pulley to a tree for example
  6. Steel locking carabiner (PCA-1276)
    - to link the pulley to the sling

* Intended to be used in combination with one of the accessorized winches