Marvin Ultra-Lite Fiberglass Base Pole

$ 113.99 CAD

SKU: FRM6FBUL Fred Marvin

Ultra-Lite fiberglass base pole (female coupling & rubber base)

Engineered with a mesh undercoating, the pole is 20% lighter than our Marvin Professional Series hollow fiberglass poles.  Yet, maintain a crush strength of 507lbs per half foot.
Batch tested to withstand 100kV/ft for 5 minutes per ASTM F711

DANGER! Keep pruner away from electrical power lines or wires. Approaching or contacting electric power lines with a pruner may cause serious injury or death by electrocution. Electricity can jump from one point to another by means of arcing. Maintain a clearance of at least 50 ft. between the pruner and any electrical line carrying live current.

WARNING! Improper use can cause serious or fatal injury. To reduce risk of injury to operator from falling objects, do not cut vertically above your head. Always wear safety hard hat, gloves, and eye protection. Keep others away from work area to avoid injury.

WARNING! Keep hands, fingers, and body parts away from cutting edges to avoid serious injury. Use only Fred Marvin authorized poles manufactured for use as a tree pruner pole. Use only Fred Marvin replacement parts. Use of other parts could result in product malfunction or injury.