FTC Meteor Throw Weights

$ 51.95 CAD


The MÉTÉOR 2 are innovative throwbags. They are made up of a metallic core and a polymer shell with 2 densities. The drop shape gives them a great precision and dynamism, with a very high resistance for a powerful throw and a much longer lifespan than with fabric bags.

The MÉTÉOR 2 contains no lead: no more lead balls spread in nature by a damaged throwbag.

The compact, streamline shape helps manipulating the bag in the tree. It is easily spotted as well, with the high visibility colours and “checkered effect”. The profile of the ring and its oblong section help fixing the line and prevents it from slipping.

Technical Specifications:

  • Core: steel
  • Shell bi-density polyurethane
  • Ring stainless steel
  • Weight 225 g (7.9 oz) / 250 g (8.8 oz) / 300 g (10.6 oz) / 350 g (12.3 oz) / 385 g (13.6 oz)
  • Dimensions 8.3 cm high (ring not incl. - 3.3 in), 4,6 cm diameter (1.8 in)
  • Ring breaking strength 250 kg (551.2 lb)