SKU: RONGEOTUL18 Universal Field Supplies

Ron Tweedie is a geologist from Thunder Bay. He created this product while looking for a multipurpose tool to reduce carry weight in the field. As he was unable to find any such implement in existence, he designed the GeoTul. This tool is also known as the GeoTool or a Tweedie Tool.

There are times when an important area is covered with dirt. If you were only to bring a pointed rock hammer, you would not be able to obtain a sample. The GeoTul also allows you to cut roots, scrape away lichens and roll up moss like a carpet. Its construction is three pounds of manganese steel, which is similar to a railroad track. It will work harden, which means the steel will actually get tougher with use.


  • New tougher alloy 13% manganese similar to RR track steel
  • Hickory Handle Absorbs Vibration
  • Safety Grip coating on handle and Custom Knob Grip
  • Reinforced Mattock for removing topsoil
  • Flat Top allows tool to stand up

Additional Information:

  • Available in 18", 24" and 30" lengths to fit your needs!
  • Replacement handles come with wedge kit.