Haix Protector Ultra Chainsaw Protective Boots Lime Green


SKU: HAX603110-7 Haix

It’s a common assumption that the more protective a pair of chainsaw boots are, the bulkier and more uncomfortable they can be.  Not with the HAIX® Protector Ultra.

The HAIX® Protector Ultra boots have been developed as the latest safety footwear innovation for the forestry industry, guaranteeing great lightweight comfort, breathability and protection. Featuring a two-zone lacing system, the boot can be tightened and adjusted accordingly in two sections, as well as incorporating a GORE-TEX® lining for optimum climate comfort in all seasons – even under the most adverse conditions.

The VIBRAM® sole is made from a special HAIX rubber mix compound, preventing slipping at low temperatures, and with its breathable design, the Protector Ultra offers maximum protection whilst being watertight and above all, comfortable. 

Of course, a comfortable boot also must have outstanding protection. The boot has CSA-Z195-2009 protection against cuts and a steel protective toe cap. The boot has a four-layer GORE-TEX moisture barrier that is breathable and chemical resistant. The Protector Ultra is highly abrasion resistant with a fleece mid-layer, optimized climate comfort for all seasons and excessive use.