Husqvarna BLi300 Battery


SKU: HUS967071902 Husqvarna

Integrated pro-battery with exceptionally high capacity. Designed to optimize productivity and long runtime in all weather conditions. Available in several configurations, it is an affordable way to increase uptime without having to invest in backpack batteries. Efficient cooling and intuitive 4-LED charge indicator.


  • 436LiB, 340iBT, LE221R, 115iPT4, 530iPT5, 535iXP, T535iXP, 540iXP, 520iHD60, 520iHE3, 520iHT4, 520iLX, 325iLK, 535iFR

Technical Specifications:


  • Capacity - 9.4 Ah
  • Voltage - 36 V
  • Battery Type - Li-Ion


*  For warranty and liability reasons, this product cannot be shipped outside of Canada