ISC RP290 Rigging Rope Wrench

$ 345.95 CAD


The RP290 Rigging Rope Wrench is a lowering device suitable for loads up to 70kg (154lbs).

The RP290 uses a bearing to apply friction to the lowering line whilst anchored at the top of a tree. This makes it controllable from both ground level or at height which is useful for smaller crews and on job multi-tasking.

The Rigging Rope Wrench has been optimised for 13mm (1/2”) rope making it the ultimate, lightweight rigging kit, when teamed with hollow-braids.

In addition to an audible click which acknowledges the location of the locking pin, the front of the pin head is marked with an indent, which allows the user to track the orientation of the locking pin, (without having to turn the device, to look at the pin-head).

Unit Weight (single unit)  475 g (1 lb)
Packed Weight (single unit)  727 g (1.6 lbs)
Body Material  Aluminum
MNS  30kN (6744lbf)
WLL  70kg (154lbs)