ISC Squirrel Tether

$ 227.95 CAD


Not to be used as primary life support.

The Squirrel Tether is the ONLY metal tether for the ISC Rope Wrench, manufactured from Aluminum, it ensures that twist and flex in the Rope Wrench system, is minimal. 

The Squirrel can be used with an SRS Chest Harness, for hands-free tending of the system, while ascending.  The Squirrel offers a choice of four SRS Chest Harness attachment points, allowing users to position their harness, according to the type of chest harness used- and to their personal preference.

The secondary aperture of the Squirrel Pulley provides an attachment point for the addition of a secondary system, which means that the Squirrel system can be used for rescues.

The Squirrel can be used with the 11-13mm Rope Wrench and /or the 13mm-optimised Rope Wrench.

This kit does not include a rope wrench

Technical Specifications:

Compatible with rope diameter 11-13mm
(MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength 24kN
Weight 350gr
Height 319mm