ISC Stryder Foot Ascender (Right Foot)

$ 110.95 CAD


ISC put years of experience and innovation into the design of their STRYDER Foot Ascender. During development, durability and functionality were at the top of the priority list.

Features Include:

  • Straps are built right into the frame of the foot ascender so the webbing straps won't shred and the device itself won't break.
  • The lock pin is removable, so if you want it with a lock you are golden. If not, you are still golden.
  • The webbing straps are fully replaceable and one set of replacement straps works for both left and right foot. (Left foot version on the way soon.)
  • Rock solid frame and enlarged cam (coned teeth) allow for a strong and smooth device that won't shred your line.
  • Foot-operable cam lever can be used to easily open (engage/disengage) and close the cam.                                                 
  • Foot lever bar can be removed by unscrewing an Allen screw should the user