Jameson FG Series Pole Saw Kit



FG-Series Hollow Core Pole Saw Kit

This tree trimming kit includes everything you need to get the job done in one convenient package.

Kit includes:

  • Pole Saw Head with Center Saw Blade Mount
  • 13 in. Tri-Cut Saw Blade
  • 6 ft. FG Base Pole
  • 6 ft. FG Extension Pole
  • Canvas Scabbard

 Fiberglass, hollow core FG pole is Jameson’s strongest pole, and one of the most preferred by professional arborists

The FG Base Pole has a rubber end cap and female ferrule

FG Extension Pole has male and female ferrules, and provides additional length to your tool, extending the workable height

For highest performance and safety, Jameson recommends using a base pole when using one pole or starting with a base pole when working with multiple poles