JMC Soil Sampling Tubes

$ 157.95 CAD


JMC offers environmental scientists a variety of sampling tubes. Each one features a hardened self-sharpening tip, allowing for great looking cores. Their tips also outlast common replaceable tips, by a ratio of eight-to-one! Also, all the metal parts are nickel-plated for protection.

We have three kinds of tubes that take samples less than an inch in diameter. When choosing, consider the type of soil you will be sampling and the core diameter you need. 

  • Wet Sampling Tubes: work best in soft, moist soils. The core diameter is 0.688 inches.
  • Dry Sampling Tubes: work best in hard, dry soils. The core diameter is 0.75 inches. (If you just want one tube, get one of these)
  • Ag Consultant's Sampling Tube: same design as the dry tubes, but produces a core diameter of only 0.56 inches.

Wet and Dry Tubes available in 12, 15, or 18 inches. Ag Consultant's Tubes available in 12 and 18 inches. Note: A sample length is 3" shorter than the tube length. If you need to sample to 12", order a 15" tube.

These tubes are designed to be used with JMC handles, extensions and Backsaver handles. Handles and extensions are sold separately.