Kask Zen Visors

$ 89.95 CAD


The Zen visor has a wide field of view and is anti-fog and scratch-resistant for unmatched visibility while keeping you safe. The panoramic lens is also compatible for workers with prescription glasses and easily overlaps without interfering with glasses. The drip-proof upper contour is made of rubber. The Zen visor also has a cut-proof edge for added safety. Compatible with all Zenith X/X2 and Primero helmets.
Adaptors are required to attach the visor to a helmet. The visors are available for purchase seperately or in kits, which include the adaptors. The adaptors are also available for purchase seperately Here.


  • Standard: EN 166 / ANSI Z87.1 / AS / NZS 1337
  • Optical Class: 2


  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant treatment
  • Panoramic lens compatible for overlapping corrective glasses
  • Cut proof edge
  • Drip proof upper contour made of rubber

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 80 g