Keson Pocket Rods



This unique grading rod is compact like a tape measure. Simply remove the nylon-coated steel blade from the case and you have a convenient 2 metre vertical-reading leveling rod. Each case has a built-in target. When finished, just slide back into the case. It’s ideal for checking a grade without having to carry a full-size rod.

The Pocket Rod is ideal for foundation work, grading, swimming pools and construction photo records. The nylon-coated blade protects the graduations from moisture and wear. Easy-to-read numbers are printed on both sides, and the blade also features a built-in target for sighting. Also, it has a heavy-duty end hook. When you’re through, the blade stores in its own sturdy case. Perfect for photographs that require scale. A police and insurance adjuster favorite!


Built-in target on 2 sides.Nylon coated facing not affected by moisture.Non-glare surface.Convenient surveyors pole.Heavy-duty end hook.
“Markings are clearly visible for photographing. I use it for appraisal work for damaged vehicles. No other product can be seen clearly in pictures while capturing the object behind it.”