Lanyard Manager Clips (3 Pk)


SKU: NOT39962 SherrillTree

Originally used in Germany, these small plastic clips are used to help arrange and manage the excess lanyard on your tree climbing saddle. Ideally for use with positioning lanyards up to 1/2" in diameter. Sold in a pack of three in assorted colors.

Line the pliers up parallel with the upper "mouth" of the clip and press down forcing the loop into the mouth. A good amount of force may be required so please watch your fingers!

If you are having trouble installing the clips you can always manually tie them to your saddle with some 5mm accessory cord. You can also use a round chainsaw file to create more space in the upper groove which connects the clip to your gear loop.

*Important Installation Note: If the lanyard clip doesn't easily slip onto your gear loop a pair of needle nose pliers should be used. Carefully use the pliers to aid the cordage into the connection point.


  • TreeMOTION
  • Petzl Sequoia
  • Buckingham