Limited Edition Courant Rebel Pink Dragon Climbing Rope

$ 293.95 CAD

SKU: COUML100PZC060 Courant

Sharing the same construction with our popular Squir rope, the Rebel has a smaller diameter and therefor it is a perfect rope for fast access into the trees. Its proven durability, low stretch and long lasting flexibility will ensure efficient access and the EN 1891-A certification makes it fully compatible with the latest ascenders and descenders on the market.

Diameter: 11mm

Length: 60m (approx 196')


  • Limited edition colour
  • Fast access
  • Low stretch
  • Wear resistant


Materials / contrustion: 32- strand Polyester sheath with X-braid Polyamide core
Static Resistance  33 kN
Resistance with Figure of 8 Knot 23 kN
Mass per meter 88 gram
Sheath percentage  41%
Sheath slippage 0%
Elongation 50/150Kg 2.5%
Knotability 1.18
Retraction with water 2.2%
Maximum lifespan 10 Years