LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry Multitool

$ 399.00 CAD

SKU: LOX1002 LogOx

Save Your Back, Protect Your Chain, and GET MORE DONE!

The LogOX 3-in-1 MultiTool will make your tree work faster, safer, and easier- Guaranteed!

This ergonomic versatile design combines 3 essential forestry hand tools into 1.

  • 21" LogOX Hauler – Never hurt your back lifting a log round or loading a log splitter again! This patented design creates a mechanical advantage that allows you to quickly engage, lift, or drag log rounds or branches- WITHOUT bending over.

  • 40” Cant Hook - Never pinch your chainsaw bar while bucking a log or struggle with rolling one again! The sharp hook/toe design establishes a rock-solid grip on the log, and provides enough leverage to make light work of rolling them into position.

  • "BigFoot" Timberjack - Never dull out your chain by running it into the ground again! With 3X more ground contact than a standard timberjack, you’ll get a more stable elevated cutting platform for bucking logs, even on soft ground. Also useful for dragging logs and large branches out of your path.

Switch to any of these configurations in seconds, depending on the task at hand. Then it’s easy to disassemble, store, and transport.

The LogOX was designed in the woods of Vermont by an engineer and seasoned woodsman to be the most ergonomic, portable, and versatile forestry hand tool in the world. After almost a decade in business, tens of thousands of happy LogOX customers can attest to that fact.

Its patented lightweight and modular design eliminates the need for multiple long-handled tools and easily travels wherever you go. With a LogOX and a chainsaw, you’ll have everything you need to process a downed tree, from roots to leaves.

  • Total weight: 13.5 lbs

  • LogOX Hauler Weight: 6.2 lbs.

  • Disassembled length: 30”Fully assembled length: 40”

  • 100% Made in USA

We made five major upgrades to our V2 design in 2022 that made this tool better than ever, you can read more here.

The LogOX has thousands of 5-Star customer reviews across the internet and the biomechanical science to back it up.

In 2019, the LogOX Hauler was scientifically proven by a Fairfield University School of Engineering study, published in the October 2019 Journal of Innovative Ideas in Engineering and Technology (JIIET), to greatly reduce strain on the back, quadriceps, and biceps by up to 93%, 86% and 79% respectively when lifting log rounds, compared to lifting them by hand. The full peer-reviewed study can be found here.

As a company, we're good stewards of the forest we love!

For every order we receive on our website, LogOX plants a tree in partnership with the non-profit group Tree-Nation to restore deforested areas around the world.