Maasdam Rope Puller

$ 109.95 CAD

SKU: SLPA0 Maasdam

The Maasdam Rope Puller is a great tool that accommodates 1/2" ropes.   It is great for pulling trees, logs, vehicles, and other heavy items. Though best used with three strand ropes, it will work with 12 strand ropes as well. This rope puller has heavy-duty features including 1,500 lb. capacity, 10:1 leverage, unlimited lift, and trouble-free automatic letdown. Increase capacity by using pulley blocks. Constructed of aircraft quality materials. Made in the USA.


  • No limit to length of pull or height of lift
  • Rope passes through without coiling on drum
  • Increases capacity by using pulley blocks
  • Rope sold separately. Teufelberger Blue Fleck Rope works well with this puller
  • Rated for 1,500 lbs