Marvin Professional Series Pole Saw Head Sections

$ 63.99 CAD

SKU: FRMQCSF Fred Marvin

Marvin’s Professional Series poles are both lightweight and durable. The poles range from 12" – 8 feet and have a wall thickness of .125”. This thickness is 25% greater than the average pole, ensuring a rigid feel. 

The poles use aircraft-grade aluminum extension couplings and locked with a spring clip. The clip is easily controlled with a thumb and forefinger. The head sections have a U1R saw bolted to the top and a male coupling at the bottom. Order mid poles and base poles separately. The six foot and eight-foot pole saw head sections come with one FRMS20 pole saw blade included.

Danger: keep pruner away from wires and lines carrying electricity. Approaching electricity with a pruner may cause serious death or injury by electrocution. Electricity can jump by arcing, so maintain a distance of 50ft. between the pruner and any line carrying current.

WARNING! Improper use of this pruner can cause serious injury. To reduce risk of injury to operator from falling objects, do not cut vertically above your head. Always wear safety hard hat, gloves, and eye protection. Keep others away from work area to avoid injury.

Keep hands, fingers, and body parts away from cutting edges to avoid serious injury. Use only Fred Marvin authorized poles manufactured for use as a tree pruner pole. Use only Fred Marvin replacement parts. Use of other parts could result in product malfunction or injury.