MorePower Puller Hand Winch 5/16" Amsteel Blue

$ 599.95 CAD

SKU: WSC220ASLT Wyeth Scott

The safest and most durable rope puller ever made. This heavy-duty industrial-grade portable hand winch is NOT the type of lightweight puller you will find at most home centers or discount stores. The More Power Puller® has been designed and proven to perform in a variety of demanding environments without bending, breaking or collapsing.


  • Solid ductile iron and steel, painted bright red
  • Drag/pull rating is 2x that for vehicle extraction
  • Removable tackle block hook and safety handle included
  • Dual sided reel & pawl system
  • Built-in safety features
  • Durability that will last for generations

Technical Specifications:

20 Ft Version

  • Weight 23lbs / 10.4kg
  • Dead Lift Rating: 2-ton / 4,000 lbs
  • Pull/Drag Rating: 4-ton / 8,000 lbs

35 Ft Version

  • Weight 24lbs / 10.8kg
  • Dead Lift Rating: 3-ton / 6,000 lbs
  • Pull/Drag Rating: 6-ton / 12,000 lbs

*Pull/drag ratings are for comparison only. Winches and a few pullers are rated this way. Although there are too many variables (i.e., mud, snow, paved surface, slope, type of object being dragged) to determine a scientific drag/pull rating, the commonly used ratio is 2:1. The pull/drag rating is mainly used for an object with wheels (vehicle).*

Amsteel not your preferred? Try our Cable Puller!


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