Munsell® Soil Color Book



Munsell have revised their color book, adding new color charts while keeping the old familiar ones. Now included are a 10Y and 5GY soil chart for glauconite soils, a 5R soil chart for Australia and Southeast Asia, and a 7.5R soil chart for tropical and semi-tropical soils.

A high value, low chroma “white” page shows half steps from 8.5 to 9.5 in value with chromas of 1 and 2 for N, 7.5YR, 10YR, and 2.5Y. Use this page to describe carbonate, silica, gypsum and soluble salt precipitates and evaporites common to arid and semi-arid environments, as well as very light-colored parent materials such as diatomaceous earth and volcanic ash.

The book’s light gray pages decrease glare from the sun. If you're an arborist or environmental scientist, this color book will allow you to easily identify the soil you're looking at. The color chips are recessed into each water-resistant page to allow dirt and debris to be wiped off easily with less effect on the color chips. 2009 Revised Edition. Chart Size: 6” x 8”.