Notch 3/4" x 36" Tenex X-Rigging w/ X-Large Beast Ring Loop

$ 232.99 CAD

SKU: ROL36337 Notch

The X-Rigging ring 36” loop can be added to rigging systems in any number of ways to accomplish the goal of safe, efficient rigging operations. Properly attach it to a rigging block sling and make a heavy-duty retrievable rigging point. Add midline to the lead of the rigging line and take spider-leg balancing to a whole new level! Add to another X-Rigging ring sling and make a retrievable rigging redirect . The possibilities are unique and limited only by your ingenuity and the demands of the job! Brought to the tree industry by J. David Driver, the X-Man, the X-Rigging rings are simple in concept, brilliant in function. The rings are made with milled aluminum, then hard-coat anodized, and then polished–making them strong, durable and low friction. Spliced in-house by Rope Logic with Tenex by Samson for reliability and quality you can count on. The uses for rigging applications are many. Redirect, fair lead, speedline, you name it.

The possibilities are as varied as the gals and guys removing trees!

Technical Specification:

Length 36 in
Melting Point 480 degrees