Notch Big Shot Kit with Trigger Kit

$ 310.99 CAD

SKU: NOTSET1029D Notch

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The advent of throwlines has changed the way arborists climb trees. The BIG SHOT changed the way we use throwlines by giving you a simple, accurate and effective means to launch your throw weight to new heights.

The BIG SHOT accepts a wide range of projectiles and provides fully variable thrust force to limit over-shooting of low to mid-range targets. It’s simple … if you have a lower target, just don’t pull back as far.

The BIG SHOT also solves one of the most significant difficulties of hand tossing throw weights—vertical targets with narrow approaches. With minimal practice, you’ll be able to hit high targets through a small frame of branches and twigs.

The BIG SHOT is an accurate and lightweight launching system. The launch pouch cuts in-air projectile rotation by 50% over the original BIG SHOT pouch. (This advance is also available as a sling replacement for older models.) If you’re looking to thread the needle through the thickest of canopies or launch throw weights up to 150 vertical feet, reach for the tool arborists around the world call for by name. The trigger allows for improved use of the BIG SHOT launchers by improving launching accuracy, consistency and line setting. It reduced user arm fatigue and a quick mid pole attachment allows a custom mount position while an integrated safety latch prevents accidental deployment. Kit Includes two 4 foot fiberglass poles, BIG SHOT Head, Trigger and Big Shot Single-Litho Label Box.

  • 2 4 ft. hollow fiberglass poles
  • BIG SHOT Head
  • Trigger