Notch Flow Rope Wrench - Limited Edition Purple Splash

$ 112.99 CAD

SKU: NOT41603PS Notch

The Notch Flow Adjustable Rope Wrench has an adjustable concave stainless steel bollard which provides custom friction setting. Engineered and developed in collaboration with Kevin Bingham and officially licensed from Singing Tree, the Notch Flow Adjustable Rope Wrench revolutionizes your basic SRS setup of a wrench and tether. Evolving from the original ZK-1 construction utilizing a bollard, the Flow is unique because it’s adjustable, giving you the freedom to customize the friction in your setup. The Flow provides an improved ultra-low drag ascent, saving you time and energy when you climb. Pair the Flow with the Fusion Tether to create the ultimate SRS setup.

Features & Benefits :

  • Improved ultra low drag ascent
  • Fits rope diameter range = 11mm-13mm (7/16” – ½”)
  • Quick and efficient integration with Fusion Tether or alternative tethers
  • Includes stainless steel slic pin for mid line attachment of the climbing rope
  • Robust solid hot forged T6 7075 aluminum construction
  • Rope friendly chamfered edges
  • Engineered & developed in collaboration with original inventor Kevin Bingham


  • MBS 23 kN (5,400 lbs.)
  • ROPE DIAMETER 11mm - 13mm (7/16” - 1/2)
  • DIMENSIONS (INCHES) 2 x 4⅜ x 1⅝
  • DIMENSIONS (MM) 51 x 111 x 41
  • WEIGHT 0.25 lbs (113g)

Additional Features for Tether Combo:

  • Adjustable bollard allows custom friction setting.
  • Incorporated Rope Wrench stop for optimal orientation Multiple SRS ascent attachment points
  • Secondary attachment point for auxiliary climbing system