Notch Friction Saver



The Notch Friction Savers are constructed from multi layered, fray resistant, custom Nylon webbing. Install and retrieve from the ground. Reduces friction during ascent and suitable for use as a false crotch. Prevents damage to tree and climbing line with bright coloration for ease of visibility.

Dense, multi layered webbing weave resists twisting. 23KN product rating.

Meets ANSI Z133 standard. Available in 3 lengths: 24”, 36”, 48”. Ring sizes measure: 3" (Large) and 2.25" (Small).


  • Available with rated forged Steel or Aluminum friction rings
  • Aids in reducing friction during ascend
  • Suitable for use as a false crotch
  • Prevents tree damage
  • 3 lengths: 24”, 36”, 48”
  • Bright coloration for ease of visibility
  • Dense, multi layered webbing weave resists twisting
  • Colored coded ends for ease of retrieval
  • 23KN product rating
  • Meets ANSI Z133 standard