Notch Rapid Rig

$ 48.99 CAD

SKU: NOT40418 Notch

The Rapid Rig consists of an octagonal ring & a toggle. The ring is attached at the end of your rope via splice and a toggle which floats on the rope through its hole. The Rapid Rig is intended to be used with an appropriate rope to create a positive connection between the ring at the end of the rope & the toggle floating on that rope. The connection of the toggle and ring can be used to make a choked termination around a solid object. It was designed for use in rigging, hauling and winching. The purpose of this product is to provide a fast, consistent positive connection as an alternative to knots. The Rapid Rig should never be used for personal protective applications or for anchoring work positioning or life support lines.

Recommended rope size 3/16" to 1/2".