Notch Speedline Lite Kits

$ 269.95 CAD

SKU: NOTKIT99492 Notch

If you've never set up a speedline before you don't know how fast and easy it can make your job. Grab a rope and this kit and you can start zipping pieces directly to the chipper truck, saving time and effort. 

The Notch Speedline Lite Kits are made with either a 26” or 40” 23kN 19mm tubular nylon sling and double action 24kN aluminum carabiner. Thy are 30% Lighter than the standard speedline kits. Both the 6 and 12 packs come with the Speedrack- a rigid storage rack for easy access and transportation.


  • This kit includes all the gear needed to speed line branches from the tree to the landing zone
  • Speed lining pieces directly to the chipper truck can save time, effort, and protect the area at the base of the tree
  • New lightweight speedline slings are 30% lighter than standard speedline slings
  • Constructed of either 26” or 40” 23kN tubular Nylon sling with double action 24kN aluminum carabiner
  • Girth hitch connection allows user to rotate sling promoting even wear and ease of replacement
  • Double locking carabiner is easy to install while ensuring no accidental detachment of the connected load
  • 6 & 12 pack kits include a rigid storage rack for easy access and transportation

Specifications (Slings)

Material (Carabiner) Aluminum Aluminum
Material (Webbing) 19 mm Tubular Nylon 19 mm Tubular Nylon
ABS 23 kN 23 kN
Weight 0.3lbs (136 g) 0.35lbs (159 g)


Specifications (Speedrack)

Height 8.3” (212 mm)
1.9” (47.5 mm)
0.05 lbs (22.7 g)
Hole Diameter
16 mm