Omni Block Loopie Sling


SKU: ROL35199 Rope Logic

This combination features a Rock Exotica Omni Block 1.5 swivel pulley with a Tenex Tec 1/2" loopie sling spliced through the eye of the pulley. The sling is easily adjusted in length and quickly installed. This setup is ideal for light rigging as your rope can be inserted midline into the Omni pulley. Spliced by the experts at Rope Logic.


    ABS (pulley)
    WLL (pulley)
    1600 lbs
    WLL (sling) 1798 lbs ( 7.9 kN )
    Length (sling) Adjusts 2' to 4'
    Strand count  12 Strand
    Sheave Diameter 2.5"