DMM Pinto Pulley

$ 74.95 CAD


The Pinto Pulley is designed to be textile friendly. With hot forged curves and fairlead flares, ropes can run along the pulley without cutting in. This will save you money on costly replacement and repairs, by minimizing damage to your equipment. Aside from preventing damage, the Pinto is also versatile. Users can clip, hitch, splice or thread to either the anchor holes or the becket. Users can use the Pinto can in numerous work and rescue configurations, which is why it outclasses many of its competitors. 

The Pinto comes with highly efficient oilite bushings, which makes moving around in a tree much easier. The wheel turns smoothly, which allows the user to get where they want to go without a huge amount of effort. A spacer is also available, which is great for sending a textile through the attachment points. Although the Pinto is an essential part of the DMM/Teufelberger CE lanyard system, it is equally at home on all other mechanical advantage systems or lifelines. 

These pulleys are a crucial part in any climber's inventory, whether they are a professional Arborist or amateur tree climber. Light and compact, they make a great addition to any gear bag.