Rock Exotica Pirate Wire Eye Carabiner


SKU: ROCC1WEA Rock Exotica

Rock Exotica’s Wire Eye is similar to a standard carabiner but with the safety of a captive eye. It holds with sufficient stability to prevent gear from moving past the end. It also releases when lifted.

In the event of dangerous leverage or cross-loading, the Wire Eye maintains proper orientation. The releasable wire gate allows for quick access, to capture and release lines or gear. Takes the place of a fixed lanyard pin or captive-eye carabiner when you don’t need a permanent hold.

Use as a standard carabiner with the added benefit of the wire restraint.

  • Weight: 3.20 oz (91 gm)
  • Major axis: 26 kN 
  • Minor axis: 12 kN 
  • Open gate: 7 kN 
  • Inward against sleeve: 6 kN